How Much Do Poker Dealers Make in Australia?

How much do poker dealers make?

A nation of people that will bet “on two flies on the wall”. Yes, Australians have this reputation and they are proud of this. Statistically, 90% of Australians gamble which becomes a total of Aus $20 billion a year. Almost all the regions and cities of Australia have casinos. Australia is one of the best poker destinations and host to “The Aussie Millions” which is one of the biggest poker events in the world. The other tournaments are ANZPT, WSOP, WPT, etc.

In Australia, there are 130 poker tables spread across 20+ poker rooms. There are around 1,800,000 units of poker machines, which is five times more than the US has. Looking at all this data we can say that poker has a huge market in Australia and so do the poker dealers.

In Australia, for a gaming dealer, the average hourly pay is AU$ 24.54. Their pay varies from AU$ 19.35 to AU$ 27.39.

There are some basic criteria that need to be fulfilled to be a gaming dealer –

They must have a high school diploma or GEDAt least, 21 years of ageSome employers also require that the candidate have attended a gaming school or obtained a gaming license or certificationFlexible working hours, as casinos are open 24/7Must be friendly and courteousHave strong customer service skillInterpersonal and communication skills are very important as they work with the public.

For table game dealers –

Comfortable in dealing with cardsAble to process precise counts and payoutsAble to operate a variety of gaming machinesGood understanding of procedures, policies, standards, and integrity of the gameMust have knowledge of various games and their rules and regulationsPass comprehensive background checks, medical tests, and drug testsAlso, they must be able to perform mathematical calculations quickly and accuratelyThey are encouraged to attend training classes and relevant workshops to stay educated.

The tasks which a gaming dealer has to perform on a daily basis are:

Starting and controlling games and equipment which includes inspecting gaming devices and announcing winners.Deal and examine all hands or dice based on the casino’s rule, also collecting and dispensing chips as regulations state.Exchanging cash for chips, providing cards or dice, and monitor betting.

Pay for gaming dealers is based on two factors. They are:

Pay difference by experience levelPay difference by location

Let us see in detail

Pay difference by experience level

Experience affects gaming dealer salaries. As there is no impact on the early career gaming dealer but for the gaming, dealers having 5-9 years of experience will get a hike of 4%. The entry-level gaming dealer will get 3% less salary than the average salary.

People with less than a year experience, known as entry-level gaming dealers, can expect to have a salary including bonuses, tips, and overtime pay to be AU$ 23.84 based on 8 salaries. There are 25% of people working at this level. Gaming dealers having an experience of 1-4 years, also known as early career gaming dealers, earns an average total compensation of AU$24.61 based on 18 salaries. More than 50% of gaming dealers fall in this bracket. A mid-career gaming dealer having an experience of 5-9 years gets an average salary of AU$ 25.49 based on 6 salaries. Close to 19% of gaming dealers have 5-9 years of experience.

Pay difference by location

The cost of living differs from city to city so as the pay. In Melbourne, Victoria it is 6% more as compared to the average whereas it is 4% less in Sydney, New South Wales.

If we see on a gender basis around 58% of females and 42% males are working as gaming dealers.

Here are a few advantages of being a poker dealer –

It is a great way to make a lot of money without spending a single penny.It can be a stable and steady source of income.You get a chance to meet the top poker dealers in the world.It helps to improve your gaming/playing skills.You get a chance to travel to a lot of new places.

Here are a few disadvantages of being a poker dealer –

Learning poker is quite difficult. The variants can be a bit tricky if you are new to this.It takes a lot of focus and concentration to sort out the spilled pots.A few players can be difficult to deal with.Long hours are involved.

As you already know that poker involves a lot of time and effort & risk but at the same time it is highly rewarding. You need to be highly skilled and trained to get the results. A few tips to be a good poker dealer you should always keep in mind –

Before moving to an established or great venue, you should start from a small poker room and gain experience.Training is not compulsory but it helps a lot.You should always focus on accuracy first and then the speed.You should try not to be affected by others and develop a thick skin, as other players may make you irritated or take out their frustration on you.It is important to be friendly with others. It helps in making the game more pleasant.Never early out or clock off because when the room gets busy, you might miss out on many things.

Although poker dealers earn a lot it is largely dependent on your behavior, attitude, and skills. It is the major determinant of how much you can make as a poker dealer. So, make sure you know the basics and tips and tricks before you jump into this field.

Author: Joshua Stone